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Locker Management. At Pad Lock Security Ltd we have lockers covered. Whether it’s a damaged or worn out locks, or a lost keys – PLS team are on hand to cut keys or replace damaged locks as and when needed, quickly and efficiently.

Staff and club lockers suffer a very hard life and as such can be a source of administrative and operational hassle for many businesses. Some companies then remove their locker stock all together. This necessary business service provides a safe and secure place to store their belongings and their upkeep and maintenance is essential.

At Pad Lock Security Ltd we do not only fit and repair lockers but keep comprehensive records for every locker on site. When any maintenance or a new key is required, customers send us the door number we can quickly replace keys or hardware efficiently and accurately. This service is helpful for organisations who have a large number of staff or a high staff turnover or for sports and fitness clubs who see a high volume of people using their locker stock.


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