Padlock Security – Professional Locksmith Services

Pad Lock Security Ltd have approved locksmiths trained to work to the highest level of accuracy with a broad range of locking equipment. We stock the highest quality insurance approved locking hardware and thousands of key blanks in our Belfast store. We also have a skilled and experienced team of technicians who can carry out onsite lock replacements and repairs.

Damaged Locks?

Our team have years of experience and can diagnose and repair a wide range of faults in domestic locking hardware. We try to improve or upgrade the security on any replacement we do to ensure you have only the best standard of security for your home. We only supply the best – our insurance approved locking products are the best you can get – we will not supply a product we do not believe in as our reputation relies on us providing the best of the best for our customers. We have a wide variety of products in stock in our store and our team can replace a damaged lock quickly with no hassle for the home owner.

Key Cutting

Our team can cut many keys in store while you wait. We can also cut car keys with the latest technology. 

Moving House

In the chaos of moving house it is very easy to forget how many people could have duplicate keys to your new home. Pad Lock Security strongly recommends changing your locks for your family’s safety and your peace of mind.

If you have just moved house you are almost twice as likely to be burgled”

Why Change The Locks?

Unless you knew and trusted the previous tenants it is unlikely that you will know exactly how many sets of keys were cut and are in circulation for your new home. Alarmingly those households with no home security measures were almost ten times (22.5%) more likely to be victims of burglary compared to households that carry out simple security upgrades (2.5%) such as fitting deadlocks on doors and fitting window locks.

By not changing the locks and ensuring that all points of access around the house are secure, you could be putting yourself and your family in unnecessary danger. Furthermore, if you were to be broken into and possessions damaged or stolen your insurance claim may be void, as some insurance companies will state that if you have not changed the locks on moving house then you have not done enough to secure your property and prevent a burglary. Let Pad Lock Security give you the peace of mind that your home has been professionally secured.

Remember a faulty lock could also prevent you from LEAVING your property in an emergency situation – let Pad Lock Security give you the comfort in knowing Your Home, Your Valuables and Your family are safe and secure with a lock replacement Belfast.


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