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Digital Lock Systems and Electronic Lock Systems. The bigger the premises the more issues that can arise from Access Control. With large volumes of people needing access to various parts of your property – a keyed solution can be at best impractical, at worst impossible. The latest Electronic Security Systems can be used to allow bespoke access solutions to your businesses.

Managing large numbers of keys can be a major problem for any business – with large numbers of staff turnover and human error contributing to lost key stock and logistical issues for the company. Securing premises and protecting staff and assets is a costly issue for many businesses.

Pad Lock Security Ltd team of skilled technicians will supply, install and maintain keyless mechanical and digital door entry systems. These solutions provide much needed flexibility over security in locations with high footfall such as commercial premises, hotels and offices. These electronic entry systems can be designed to allow access to different parts of a building, or at different times of day, depending on the companies needs.

Our team can advise you on planning and structuring your mechanical and digital door entry systems. We can then supply, fit and maintain this system to your specification.

Access gained using a PIN number, Card or Tag

Tiered Access
Grant different access rights to different people

Mechanical Keypads
Easy to install PIN operated mechanical

Electronic Digital Keypads
Allow tiered access – allows for quick reference of who has access and entry records – remove and modify access rights on the spot.

Card Readers
Swipe cards or proximity type access control door or wall mountable.


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