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Pad Lock Security Ltd can provide complex Master Key Systems as a proven method of controlling personnel movement within a property or properties. In this system access rights are required to be submitted before individual keys are reproduced. This method gives full control to the system owner alone.

Pad Lock Security Ltd delivers master key systems to many different applications including homes, flat developments, communal and tenanted buildings, schools, halls of residence, hotels, guesthouses, retail & commercial premises across Belfast and Northern Ireland.

Our experienced design team can create a Master Key suite to operate many lock types including all cylinders, mortice locks, padlocks and cam locks. Our skilled locksmiths can install everything from a single lock on your front door through to a complete installation over multiple sites. Our years of experience allows us to deliver the most effective solution for your needs in new build and retro fit applications. All of our applications take into account any future expansion you may need to ensure your system is fully future proof.

How does it work?

The best way to describe the master key system would be to imagine dividing areas of a property into different sections with different security clearance levels. All occupants of the property will have access to key entrance doors whilst other occupants can can have the same access, with additional restricted areas. The owner of the business will be able to access every door within the property. Good preparation and planning at the initial stages of the project is essential to ensure that they system performs well when it is implemented.

Keyed to Differ
Each cylinder is operated by its own individual key.

 Keyed Alike
More than one lock/cylinder can be operated by the same key.

Master Keyed
A group of cylinders, normally all to differ and operated by their own individual key. All cylinders can be over-ridden by a Master Key

Grand Master Keyed
Used in situations with more than one Master Key group, Master Keys operate cylinders within their own group, whereas the Grand Master Key can operate all the cylinders in all the groups.

Our team will select the appropriate products and services to meet your needs and work closely with your business through the specification, design, installation and maintenance of your Master key system.


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